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Science Dept.


All the hours should be regularly attended according to the schedule of the college.

If the rate of attendance is less than 80% per month, the name will be reduced from the attendance board.

Complete all the practicals by yourself and complete it.

Practical journal notebook, tutorials, environmental projects and all other subjects must be completed in time.

All the exams should be 100% attending the college.

In the college time, the I-card should always be with you.

Strict action will be taken against the group in the college premises or the person who is involved in the abusive behavior.

If a student violently harasses a victim, then strict action will be taken against the government's "ragging prevention law".

Do not write anything on the wall, on the board, on the bench, on the tree or anywhere elsewhere with the college's voyage.

During the hours on / during the recess of the college premises, there should be no lapses.

In the college premises, there should be no posters, banners, boards etc. with prior permission of Honorary Principal.

In 100 meters area with college yard, group meeting, celebrating birthdays, using mobile is banned according to government rules.

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